Open Letter to the Governor of Puerto Rico Ricardo Rosselló

Dear Governor Ricardo Rosselló,

Puerto Rico is not about you, your aspirations, or your position. It is about having an informed public that is willing to go out and vote. The only way to do that is to lay out the options, and what those options exactly mean. Yesterday, you continued repeating the same empty line you give in public. Below is what you said in Spanish (I’ll translate it in English also):

“Vamos a trabajar para tener un pueblo saludable, proteger a los más vulnerables y derrumbar la condición que nos tiene atados, es momento de lograr la igualdad que solo garantiza la estadidad.”

In English:

“We are going to work for a healthy village, protect those most vulnerable and take down the condition that has chained us, it’s time to reach equality and the only thing that guarantees that is statehood.”

If you were selling insurance, you would be out of business.

Statehood does not guarantee any of those things. By dangling the perpetual statehood carrot stick, you are insulting the intelligence of every Puerto Rican. It’s one of the reasons that 80 percent of the population on the island does not go out to vote. People need to know what options they have and what they receive with those options. Only then, will people be motivated to vote. Let’s be clear, statehood does not guarantee a great healthcare system when you can’t keep your doctors and nurses on the island; statehood does not guarantee a great education system when your teachers are leaving and your students’ test scores in math, science, and Spanish are sub-par; and statehood does not guarantee a booming economy when your reliance is on imports.

I am not a resident or a part of any political party in Puerto Rico, and I’m quite happy about that because each party has an agenda that is not thinking about the people. Therefore, I don’t belong to any platform that suggests statehood, independence, commonwealth, or otherwise. My goal is to provide information to the residents of Puerto Rico so that they are able to make an informed decision, as it relates to the status of their future. Dangling a carrot stick with some seasoned words is still not a sancocho, it’s just a stick. (for those of you who don’t know what sancocho is, it’s a Puerto Rican vegetable stew).

I am rooting for a better future for Puerto Rico, in whatever form that takes. So I am going to do all I can between now and 2020 to give them the information they need, since it’s obvious that the current and existing candidates running for office are unable to mobilize people into votes. In the end, it’s about the people’s collective future, not the aspiration of a few. It’s about their political future, not yours.


a Boricua who gives a damn


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